Saturday, 19 July 2014


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Hello from Hong Kong! 
We bought our tickets on a whim. We had a couple spare weeks in South East Asia and decided 
we should make the most of being so close to Hong Kong and visit, especially since we both 
have friends who live here. It still doesn't feel real that we're here (a night in Ho Chi Minh 
airport stuck in transit for the night after a cancelled flight didn't help, either).

So far most of our time has spent walking around, eating, doing some retail therapy and 
singing karaoke until 5am. Yesterday we also visited the Hong Kong Museum of History, 
which has a beautiful plaza and entrance, above.

Cos bag, Nike trainers, vintage Levis shorts and Zara t-shirt

Thursday, 17 July 2014


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Packing is hard. Packing for a one week holiday is tricky. Packing for 3 months of travelling and
then moving abroad is near impossible.
I've never been much of a light packer, although I'd love to be one of those people who just needs
 a carry on bag- I've always been a sucker for choices once I arrive at my destination. Add that to
2 years working in the beauty industry and you have yourself a fully blown bomb site- which all
has to fit into a 70 liter back pack (yes, I have to be able to actually carry all this stuff, not just
wheel it along).

Clothes were the easiest part, a couple bikinis here, some dresses and shorts there. Easy. The
beauty products I finally took with me include the ones above- which have been my favourites.

1. Aesop Petitgrain Hydrating Body Gel Great for cooling skin down post sunbathing session,
and smells amazing like all Aesop products.

2. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge works on lips and cheeks alike, so it's a great multi tasker to have
with you when you need a little more colour.

3. Clarins Sun Care Set High protection for my first week or so in the sun, the Sunscreen for 
Face Wrinkle Control is light and doesn't block pores, whilst the SPF 50+ for body and
Ultra Hydrating After Sun work in sweet harmony to keep your skin protected and moisturised
day and night.

4. My Keep My Skin Hydrated self made set. Normally I use this before and on a plane. The
Clarins HydraQuench mask is a favourite of mine which I've spoken about before. Ren's V-CENSE 
day cream is thick enough to add a whole lotta moisture without making my skin break out. I'll
apply these the evening before a flight. Indeed Labs' Hydraluron is a serum with a pure form
of hyaluronic acidthat holds 1,000 times its weight in water, which means your skin keeps 
it's moisture. Skinceuticals (also mentioned before) Hydrating B5 serum is - like all 
Skinceuticals products - a game changer, the vitamin B5 replenishes nurtients the skin has 
lost and keeps it plump whilst maximizing what your daily moisturiser does.

5. P20 Once A Day Sun Protection SPF 15 + SPF 30 I was dubious to if this actually worked.
It does and it's amazing. No more rubbing sand into your body on the beach or trying to top up
every time you come out the water on a snorkelling trip as it protects you for up to 80 minutes
 in the water (!!). NB. I always frequently apply suncream to my face whether in the water or 
not, and wouldn't put P20 there as it's made from alcohol and I have very sensitive facial 

Thursday, 10 July 2014


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Pink. Not normally my choice of colour for my clothes. But 'normally' was when I lived in
London and had meetings and events all day and *slightly* colder weather.

On the beach- I'm into pink. A light, almost white pink that goes with everything (my new
bikini is black) and makes me feel a bit more 'holiday' and less serious. I got this top/dress years
 ago from Topshop, but it's come in handy this time around as a throw-on-for-the-beach garment.
Just pair with a sarong.

Thursday, 3 July 2014


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Arriving in Cambodia was nothing like I thought it would be. Although Phnom Penh is
a phenomenally (haha) busy city, with traffic all over the place - namely the crazy moped
riding with 4 people on one bike! - there's also an underlying kindness in the people and
calmness surrounding everything. Very laid back, nothing is rushed.

Amazing food, too. Comme a la Maison has the most delicious French brunches, and Friends
(photo above) trains marginalized children to cook- and serves up tapas that you can't help but
gobble down. It hit the spot of all the fresh vegetables we needed! Although 'tapas' does mean
full sized meals, so don't over order like we did.

Phnom Penh feels quite Parisian in places, with cafes covering the pavement, trees everywhere -
with a beautiful park just by the temple, and a certain cool vibe in the air. Which is great for me
as I get to drink chocolat chaud and eat Croque Monsieur and I therefore feel quite at home.