Thursday, 30 October 2014


 photo fusionmaiaveitnamluxuryspahoteldanangtravelholidayemmahoareaumainpool_zps6e34d33d.jpg
 photo fusionmaiaveitnamluxuryspahoteldanangtravelholidayemmahoareauredlipswhitewalllacedress_zps41de0d94.jpg
 photo fusionmaiaveitnamluxuryspahoteldanangtravelholidayemmahoareau_zpsa008d5a4.jpg
 photo fusionmaiaveitnamluxuryspahoteldanangtravelholidayemmahoareauwaterfallpoolspa_zps459bb198.jpg
 photo fusionmaiaveitnamluxuryspahoteldanangtravelholidayemmahoareaublueskywhitesand_zpsf86866e7.jpg
 photo fusionmaiaveitnamluxuryspahoteldanangtravelholidayemmahoareaubluesky_zpsdd955e0c.jpg
 photo fusionmaiaveitnamluxuryspahoteldanangtravelholidayemmahoareaufoodrestaurantyoghurt_zpscdf64579.jpg
 photo fusionmaiaveitnamluxuryspahoteldanangtravelholidayemmahoareauwhitebathrobes_zps908f3eaf.jpg
 photo fusionmaiaveitnamluxuryspahoteldanangtravelholidayemmahoareaupoolsidevillasuitetanning_zps0f7f56a9.jpg
 photo IMG_3416_zpsf3929fe2.jpg
 photo fusionmaiaveitnamluxuryspahoteldanangtravelholidayemmahoareaugoldenhour_zps2e58398d.jpg

Fusion Maia. Land of all inclusive spa treatments (fo realz), pool villas, breathtaking beaches
and delicious breakfasts.

One of the most incredible places we stayed in Vietnam, Fusion Maia is located in DaNang on
the east coast, just a moped ride away from my favourite place we visited, Hoi An. Although
whilst staying here, Hoi An was a distant memory and all I was worried about was what spa 
treatment to book-in next or where I should go swimming- our villa, the main pool, the spa
waterfall or the sea itself? Hard decisions.

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Sunday, 26 October 2014


 photo IMG_6868_zpsdf0af013.jpg
 photo IMG_6886_zps8849f114.jpg

Living by the beach is great, but for my easily frizzy and frazzled hair it can be a little tough. 
Being in the sun and swimming in salty water dries it out and I can notice the difference to 
when I lived in rainy old London (love you).

I've been using these products from Moroccan Oil for the past few weeks and the  
Weightless Hydrating Mask and Treatment Oil have become my staples to giving my 
locks that extra moisture without weighing it down, quite a feat on my fine hair.

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Thursday, 23 October 2014


 photo emmahoareauvillasungaiblackandotherstoriesdresspool_zpsf633b9da.jpg
 photo emmahoareauvillasungaiblackstrapdressaesoploccitaneeyecreamsk-iifacialtreatment_zps7984c36c.jpg
 photo villasungailycheemartinisandshrimpcanape_zps8d6f6ca8.jpg
 photo emmahoareauvillasungaiblackandotherstoriesdressbeforedinner_zps54be4f13.jpg
Dress, & Other Stories

I bought this dress just before we left London. I needed a all-occasion (black, loose hanging) look
and I loved the thin 90s inspired straps on this, and the fact it had pockets. It quickly became my
go to choice for dinner, as it the loose fit was great for hot Asian countries, the length kept my
legs from being eaten by mosquitoes and the colour was evening wear appropriate.

We took these shots just before another incredible dinner at Villa Sungai. We always started
with some lychee martinis by the pool (when in Rome) accompanied by the most
mouth-watering canapes you can imagine. Clearly I've already had a martini or two in the
last photo of me.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


 photo IMG_6717_zpsfc036b10.jpg
 photo IMG_6755_zpsbf6dcc89.jpg
 photo IMG_6734_zps87feb25d.jpg
 photo IMG_6741_zpsba6b82a8.jpg

During our travels, the one thing I missed most was being able to have a 'home'. A place
where I could unpack my bags, have my own bed and decorate.

We found a beautiful place not far from the beach (all white walls and wooden flooring) and
I couldn't be happier here. We did the obligatory IKEA run but also we've been finding things
on the street. Here in Sydney people throw out the most amazing stuff! I've found chests of
drawers, an armchair, a huge beanbag and even some body boards and fishing rods...!

I'm planning to shoot more here, and continue my 'blogging' as I did in London, with beauty
and outfits posts, and also continue my videos.  But of course there will also be more of my
travels (all the photos have almost crashed my computer) scattered throughout.

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