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A little update from my Springstagram (best name ever, thank you Jess!). All things floral,
good smellin' and covered in sunshine.

I'm going to be away from blogging for a bit- so in the meantime follow me on 
Instagram to keep up to date!


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Make up that shouldn't look good (read: red eyeshadow) looked perfectly in place at the 
Marques' Almeida AW14 show. I also loved the thin satin straps on dresses, fluffy shoes and 
crazy fur coats. I'll post a full backstage photo set soon, but in the meanwhile have a look at 


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Highlighters are my new 'beauty obsession' I supposed you could call it- although that phrase 
has been thrown around one too many times and has kind of lost it's meaning. I suppose I could 
call them my new high. Highlighters.
Yes, that's better.
With the sun peaking it's head round the clouds, it's great to have a little something on your 
face that'll shine right back. No glitter here, though. Just shine- or glow. In fact whilst wearing
 the Illamasqua Gleam (above, middle) I was told I was 'glowing' which I took as a compliment 
to my make up not that I looked pregnant (shit, did I?)

Either way, I've also made another video on this very subject. So do have a look at it here, 
and give it a good old fashioned thumbs up if you like it. Or just let me know what you 


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The Japanese have a word for when sunlight filters through the trees - Komorebi.
I found this out the other day, just as the sun has started to make an appearance here 
in London. It's strange that there isn't a word in English for this, as it's such a peaceful 
and enjoyable experience that everyone enjoys.

Last Sunday we were lucky enough (and like all English people, got far too excited at 
the sign of sun) (I've turned back into being a weatherman) to have endless amounts of 
Komorebi around, and I just had to shove my camera into Tess' hand to take a photo.

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