Saturday, 18 October 2014


 photo emmahoareauwhitelacedressoutfitlegsjambes_zps883dc17f.jpg
 photo emmahoareauwhitelacedressoutfitbeach_zpsdbf7c15d.jpg
 photo emmahoareauwhitelacedressoutfitview_zps60c78220.jpg
 photo emmahoareauwhitelacedressoutfitwhitewall_zps088aa20a.jpg
 photo emmahoareauwhitelacedressoutfitmaclipstick_zpsb3a29074.jpg
 photo emmahoareauwhitelacedressoutfitgoldenhoursun_zps17a86890.jpg
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 photo emmahoareauwhitelacedressoutfitplage_zpsd67ef683.jpg
 photo emmahoareauwhitelacedressoutfitfeet_zpsa5531587.jpg

When a beach is this beautiful and the sun is shining at golden hour, the only thing to do is put
 on a dress and roll in the sand.

I've been meaning to post this for so long. It was the result of Josh and I realising how beautiful
the light was, me throwing on the one thing I hadn't worn from my suitcase, and heading to the
beach (a whole 20 metres away from our villa at Fusion Maia). The scenery around Da Nang
is incredible, with that mountain in the background looking particularly like fake backdrop-like.

Dress Urban Outfitters, similar here, here and here. 
Lipstick Ronnie Red by MAC

Friday, 10 October 2014


 photo emmahoareausungaivillasbalitravelpoolsideunderwater_zps18d586ed.jpg
 photo emmahoareausungaivillasbalitravelminimalinteriorhomeinspirationpool_zps6057d13b.jpg
 photo emmahoareausungaivillasbalitravelpoolsidethrowingflowers_zps37c9266b.jpg
 photo emmahoareausungaivillasbalitravelpoolsidefloatingfrangipaniflowerspetals_zpsaa2a954a.jpg
 photo emmahoareausungaivillasbalitravelpoolside1_zpse7472520.jpg
photos taken at Villa Sungai, Bali

Diving in at the deep end. 
A sensation I'm familiar with since arriving in Sydney, both metaphorically and physically. 
Putting myself out there in terms of work and making new friends, and then literally diving 
into the sea to clear my head. 

It's now been a month since we arrived, and we've found a flat, made a couple friends, found some 
form of work, but there's still a way to go on making this feel like 'home'. I haven't gotten into 
a routine of any sort yet, which for me is important. I like having order to my days and at the 
moment every day is different, which whilst being fun can also be stressful and adds pressure.

New experiences have that effect: they make you feel alive by giving you new emotions
and perspectives, yet sometimes those emotions can all become too much. Only for a little
while though; then you realise how lucky you are to be in that situation. That's what I try to
do anyway. Long story short: it's all good but sometimes I'm missing home.

I'll just keep diving in and seeing where it takes me.

Monday, 6 October 2014


 photo IMG_4941_zpsf4c86a25.jpg
 photo IMG_4874_zps05bf6081.jpg
 photo IMG_4901_zps69f91efd.jpg
 photo IMG_5415_zps5398957e.jpg

I've always been a big fan of skincare, and having worked in the beauty industry for the past
two years has in no way slowed my obsession down. I like make up, but I've always believed
if you've got good skin then make-up is less important. However, my one true love in makeup
 is foundation.

It has the potential to bring you that perfect skin look even if your tired, hungover, unwell...
You name it. It perks you up by making your skin look flawless (if you choose a good one),
and there's nothing worse than expecting to feel great and then using a foundation that does
more bad than good. So I've rounded up my favourite skin enhancers for you, in order of
lightweight to thick:

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
byTerry Terrybly Densiliss
YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat 
Estee Lauder Double Wear
La Mer Treatment Fluid Foundation

Friday, 3 October 2014


 photo emmahoareaubaliwhotelview_zps1e2d0f80.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliwhotelcocktail_zpsc4eeb062.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliwhotelsuite_zps07f5a1ab.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliwhotelbeachsunset_zps41004235.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliwhoteloutfitonthebalcony_zpsce2a3826.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliwhotelsunset_zps2a43de7f.jpg
Dress Zara, Slides Nike

Sunset at W Hotel Bali.
The view from our suite was incredible, and perfect for timing when we would pop down to 
the bar to have a cocktail and watch the sun set.